Valley Grassroots for Democracy Endorsements


March 3, 2020 Primary:

Congressional District 25:  Christy Smith

Congressional District 28:  Adam Schiff

Congressional District 30:  Brad Sherman

Congressional District 33:  Ted Lieu

Congressional District 37:  Karen Bass

State Senate District  26:  Ben Allen

State Senate District  27:  Henry Stern

Assembly District 38:        No Consensus

Assembly District 39:        Luz Rivas

Assembly District 43:        Laura Friedman

Assembly District 45:        Jesse Gabriel

Assembly District 46:        Adrin Nazarian

Assembly District 50:        Richard Bloom

City Council District 2:       Paul Krekorian

City Council District 4:       David Ryu

City Council District 12:     Loraine Lundquist

LAUSD Board District 3:     Scott Schmerelson

LA County Central Committee:

Assembly District 38:         Marilyn Grunwald

                                         Lysa Simon

Assembly District 39:         Chris Anderson

Assembly District 43:         Shanna Ingalsbee

Assembly District 45:         Elizabeth Badger

                                         Cecile Bendavid

                                         Jeff Daar

                                         Leah Hertzberg

Assembly District 46:         Carolyn Hoff

                                         Jerilyn Stapleton


March 3 Ballot Measures:

State Measure 13, Authorizing Bonds for Facility Repair, Construction, & Modernization at Public Preschools, K-12 Schools, Community Colleges, and Universities.  We endorse, vote Yes.

County Measure R, LA County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission Ordinance. We endorse, vote Yes.

California Legislative Bills:

SB47-     Petition Disclose Act (signed by Governor Newsom)

SB636-   Ballot Disclose Act

AB1217- Issue Ad Disclose Act

AB1784- Secure the Vote Act




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