February Meeting: "Inequality For All" screening

A screening of the new documentary, featuring Robert Reich:

"We make the rules of the economy and we
have the power to change those rules."

                                                                                             – Robert Reich      

From the "Inequality For All" website: 

We need to approach the problem of widening income inequality from 6 different directions. The trick is to understand how they all fit together while choosing manageable actions that make sense to who you are. We may not be able to do everything at once but think of each action you take as an incremental step towards the structural change our economy needs. 

More at IFA: https://inequalityforall.com/

Click on the image below to view the trailer in a browser window, or go here:

YES!, there's still more at this action-packed meeting:

- ENDORSEMENTS. We'll be voting on Valley Grassroots club endorsements for the following electoral districts:

CA Assembly: 39, 45 and 46
CA Senate: 18
U.S. Congress: 29 and 30
- CONVENTION 101: What you need to know about the upcoming California Democratic Party Convention
 (March 7-9, in Los Angeles), even if you're not attending, but especially if you are.

What really goes on at these party conventions? What's the importance? A number of your fellow Valley Grassrooters are CDP members, including Agi, who will lead the discussion. 

VOLUNTEERS are still needed to help out at the convention being held downtown. Pick your day. Apply here or call (916) 442-5707.

February 20, 2014 at 7:00pm - 9pm
State Office Building Auditorium
6150 Van Nuys Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91411
United States
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Anita Horn Tina Larsen Ellen Lubic Lloyd Dent Cherie Beller Chad Jones Zack Webber Agi Kessler Gary Hundertmark Steve Krantz Mickey Donner Randy Gold

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Please RSVP: February Meeting: "Inequality For All" screening
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Please RSVP: February Meeting: "Inequality For All" screening
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Please RSVP: February Meeting: "Inequality For All" screening
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