May 18 BBQ

Our annual BBQ will be IN PERSON.  The Dents have once again graciously offered to host us, and the pool will be open, weather permitting.  Join us for good times, good work, good food and beyond good company.  As always, it's a chance to get together with good people, have good eats, and do good work.  Children are welcome.  There's a pool, games for the kids, and of course, our famous and spirited QUIZ for adults, with prizes.  Handicapped accessible.  Elected officials and candidates will be there to rub elbows with you.  We will have fans for sale too. 


It's $15 for non-members; members and kids are free.  This year we have chosen the West Valley Food Pantry for donations, located in Woodland Hills.  Go to to learn about them.  You can donate on the website, or bring food items to the BBQ. 

Most Needed Items:

Peanut butter (15-20 oz)

Almond butter (15-20 oz)

Diced tomatoes (12-16 oz)

Chili (packaged or canned)

Canned fruit (15-20 oz)

Low sodium soup for seniors (15-20 oz)

Ensure High Protein drinks for seniors

Protein Bars low sugar (for unhoused & seniors)

Pop Top Campbell's Chunky Soup 15-18.8 oz (for unhoused)

White Chicken Chunk canned 6-12 oz (unhoused & seniors)

Trail Mix (unhoused)

Electrolyte drink mix any brand (unhoused

Small individual juices 10 FL oz (shelf stable)

Small individual shelf stable milk 6-8 FL oz (dairy or non-dairy) 

Instant Oatmeal (unhoused)

Small Cereal (2 oz bowls) - Cheerios, other non-sugary type

WATER 16.9 FL oz

Rice 1-2 lb size only

Canned Sardines


They are unable to accept expired foods, and all donations should be unopened & in original packaging.

They do not accept large #10 cans, or bags of dry goods over 5 lbs. 

May 18, 2024 at 1:00pm - 4pm
Alta Postar Zack Webber Patricia Dexter Sandra Krist Joyce Fidler Lester Aponte Amy Rafti Tauby Ross Wendy Weiss Adrienne Burk Andrew Taban David Palley Doris Dent Anthony Rinaldi Sherri Bieber Chris Long Steve Krantz Cindy Kalman

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