VGFD August 20 Monthly Meeting

Join Us for a Busy August

It may be the dog days of summer but we are as busy as ever. Meeting candidate, writing letters, looking at polls and electing a new Executive Board.

Caroline Menjivar; Candidate for Senate District 20

A life long resident of the San Fernando Valley she is the daughter of immigrants who faced a lot of challenges. She is acutely aware of the problems facing Californians. A former marine and trained as a firefighter. She has experience in politics and the effects of “don’t as don’t tell”.

Nikki Perez; Candidate for the Burbank City Council

Nikki is running for Burbank City Council to bring her government experience, non-profit management expertise, and her love of what makes Burbank unique to ensure that we protect and preserve the Burbank we love, while positioning it for a future we all want to see.

Midterm Predictions

Given the importance of the midterms for the state of our country, our democracy and our rights we thought it would be good to look at some polls, charts, graphs and predictions.

Nominations for Executive Board of VGFD

We will start the process of selecting our new Executive Board.  Nominations can be made for someone else or for yourself. Tired of what Republicans are doing? Want to shape the Democratic Party? Here is your chance. It only takes a few hours a month and the rewards are innumerable. The more people who step up results in more getting done, less work for other board members. Put your skills to use or learn a new one. We would love to have you! If you would like to learn a position such as Treasurer you can run for an At Large position and learn. We are especially looking for Treasurer and Secretary, so if you have those skillsets or just want to learn please step up.

Vice President
Recording Secretary
At Large - up to 6 positions

August 20, 2022 at 10:00am - 12pm
Melissa Hammond Joyce Fidler Chad Jones Tauby Ross Alta Postar Wendy Weiss Kaitlyn Holmlund Sue Strickland Amy Rafti Don Evans Steve Krantz Sandra Krist Trisha Dexter Jim Dole Jerilyn Stapleton Sharon Bothman Renay Grace Rodriguez Shanna Ingalsbee Leah Herzberg Chris Long Adrienne Burk Cindy Kalman

Will you come?

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