VGFD May 21 Monthly Meeting

You be the Judge, You Vote for Mayor and Phone Party

Candidate for Mayor Mike Feuer

Mike will join us to discuss his campaign and vision for Los Angeles. He claims he is an underdog, but he may be the best solution for LA’s woes. An important opportunity to meet some one who will make a difference in LA.

Meet more candidates for Judge.
Given what just happened with the Supreme Court voting for judge is more important that ever!!!!! We may not understand everything about the courtroom but we know a good person when we meet them.

Seat 60 --  Sharon Ransom
Seat 67 – Ryan Dibble
Seat 70 – Matthew Vodnoy:
Seat 90 – Melissa Lyons
Seat 118 – Klint McKay:
Seat 151 --  Patrick Hare:

To see all the races local, state and congressional:

Hear from the candidates and then join us for a phone party.
This is no time to sit on the sidelines, there is too much at stake, and the smallest help one can give is invaluable. And its more fun with friends. So we will be having a party to call in support of Senator Alex Padilla and Christy Smith. You will be able to make calls, visit with friends and make a difference. Keep our zoom connection open while making calls. You will just need to open another window for the numbers to call. You can chat with others while making important phone calls. Have fun and make a difference!!!!!

Register at:

May 21, 2022 at 10:00am - 1pm
Shanna Ingalsbee Melissa Hammond Gregg Solkovits Solkovits Amy Rafti Crystal Litz Ryan Dibble Alta Postar Anita Horn Linda Klein Sue Strickland Don Evans Sandra Krist Jim Dole Cecile Bendavid Steve Krantz Chris Long Adrienne Burk

Will you come?

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