VGFD Nov 19 Monthly Meeting

Debrief on the Mid-terms

Who lost. Who won. What it means. What the future holds. Voting turn out. Who voted. Join us to learn the details and in general to vent. A chance for you to hear the details and express your feelings.

Burn Pit Legislation

Tai Sunnananon will join us to discuss  the importance of this legislation and what it means to our veterans.

Mr. Sunnanon is on the Executive Board of the Veterans Caucus of the CA Democratic Party and this Spring, the caucus started their "Listening Tour" to gather input from Veteran Democrats across all 58 counties. He appreciates the opportunity to attend our 11/19/22 meeting and introduce himself and, more importantly, to learn what Democrats, particularly Veteran Democrats, would like from our Caucus (i.e. resources, pro-Veteran legislation, etc.)

Truman Awards

Join us to celebrate all the great volunteers and elected officials. Especially our own Trish Dexter! Tickets support the campaign headquarters and the efforts of The Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley.

Purchase your tickets here:

Holiday Party

This year's party will be in person, Saturday December 17 at 1pm. Details and fun to come. Stay tuned.
November 19, 2022 at 10:00am - 12pm
Cecile Bendavid Chad Jones Steve Krantz Matte Wicklin Jim Dole Alta Postar Joyce Fidler Anita Horn Amy Rafti Trisha Dexter Sandra Krist Jerilyn Stapleton Chris Long Cindy Kalman

Will you come?

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