VGFD Oct 16 Meeting


Paul C. Hernandez, Executive Director, Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL)
Paul’s career spans 20 years in leadership positions at the highest levels of local government and nonprofits. He has built a reputation for fostering strong working relationships and has a proven track record of demonstrating his ability to resolve large-scale issues.
He will discuss the state of water in California and the politics involved.
Paul was elected to the Baldwin Park City Council in November 2018. Before serving on the City Council, Paul was elected to the Valley Council Water District (VCWD) in November 2013. During his time at the VCWD, he was instrumental in leading the district’s Affordable Rate Program that supports seniors and low-income families. He championed a five-year, multimillion-dollar infrastructure program that ensured safe and affordable drinking water for residents and businesses.

Chief Cecil Rhambo, Candidate for Sheriff

Chief Cecil Rhambo is a longtime public servant who has dedicated his life's work to keeping the people of L.A. County safe. He's also built up a record of speaking truth to power, standing up against corruption and the use of excessive force in law enforcement, while promoting community-based policing and investments in mental health.
Currently, Cecil serves as Chief of Police at LAX where he protects the public at America's second busiest airport. Now, he is running for Sheriff to end Alex Villanueva's corruption, bring reform and progress to LASD, while reducing crime and protecting the people of L.A. County.
October 16, 2021 at 10:00am - 12pm
Trisha Dexter Alta Postar Joyce Fidler Cindy Kalman Mary Metz Anita Horn Laurie Lewis Havel Katy Yaroslavsky Lisa Anderson Cecile Bendavid Sandra Krist Jim Dole Amy Rafti Sue Strickland Steve Krantz Leah Herzberg Adrienne Burk

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