VGFD October 15 Monthly Meeting

This Month Let’s WORK, WORK, WORK

For October we are calling on our members to do the work needed to elect Democrats. There are 3 options.


Canvas for Karen Bass, candidate for Mayor. This means seeing old friends, meeting new people and helping a great person. It’s from 9:30 to 1 with some training at the beginning. You will be working in the San Fernando Valley so it’s not far to go. Sign up here:


Write postcards for Christy Smith. These postcards are critical for seniors who may sit out the vote. The cards are also available at the home of Peter Rothenberg in Porter Ranch OR you can email to the address below and get them mailed to you, but time is of the essence! Let them know you are with Valley Grassroots so they know you are legit.

[email protected]


We will have our regular meeting via zoom. You can write your postcards at this event OR you can write letters from Vote Forward. Just shoot an email to Cindy Kalman at [email protected] and she will email you a pdf of the letters that you can print out at home and then join us to write them. (They come in batches of 20.)  We will pay for postage as needed. She will include a list of names and instructions. A chance to to do a good thing with friends.



October 15, 2022 at 10:00am - 12pm
Amy Rafti Matte (Martha) Lee Wicklin Gregg Solkovits Solkovits Alta Postar Anita Horn Wendy Weiss Jerilyn Stapleton Sue Strickland Sandra Krist Chris Long Adrienne Burk Cindy Kalman

Will you come?

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