VGFD Sept 17 Monthly Meeting


September is time for us to vote on the next V-Board. If you want to make a difference and do work that matters step up and nominate yourself or someone you know.

So far the nominations are as follows. Please step up, nominate, and be a part of our board.

President Shanna Ingalsbee
Vice President Cindy Kalman
Recording Secretary Doris Dent
Treasurer Chad Jones
Secretary Lloyd Dent
Membership Steve Krantz
Hospitality Tauby Ross
At Large - up to 6 positions Gregg, Joyce, Trish, Adrienne, Chris, Amy


KELSEY LINO: Candidate for LA Community Community College Board of Trustees, Seat 7

She is graduate of the California Community College system. She was appointed to the Trustee Board and is now running for a full term. Trustee Lino is working to better understand the culture and uniqueness of the nine colleges to effectuate student achievements by supporting increased accessibility to essential services and resources necessary for each campus. Through her efforts as a Trustee she is focused on delivering resources to provide dignity and purpose to students, staff, and faculty across the District.

JASON BERLIN: Field Team 6

“Register Democrats. Save the world.” They meet people where they are – via phone, text, postcard, social media, and soon at in-person, Covid-safe voter drives! Jason was a TV writer for 18 years when Trump got elected. He worked with the California Democratic Party and after the mid-terms he along with Michael Tonetti founded Field Team 6. By targeting places that need Democrats most, the aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority by registering Democrats. Meet one of the co-founders and learn what they do and how you can help.

September 17, 2022 at 10:00am - 12pm
Hydee Feldstein Soto Amy Rafti Matte (Martha) Lee Wicklin Trisha Dexter Joyce Fidler Alta Postar Sue Strickland Tauby Ross Cecile Bendavid Jerilyn Stapleton Anita Horn Wendy Weiss Renay Grace Rodriguez Adrienne Burk Randy Gold Jim Dole Sandra Krist Steve Krantz

Will you come?

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