WHEREAS the Eviction Moratorium has expired allowing Landlords and/or Property Owners to issue property wide, no-fault eviction notices to every tenant under the guise of doing “Major renovations” as stated in the California Tenant Protection Act; and,

WHEREAS the no-fault eviction can be justified with nothing more than a Landlord’s and/or Property Owner’s expressing the “intent” to do major renovations with no process for accountability or verification that the renovations have or will be completed, and the amount of time to relocate as well as the monetary compensation to the tenant being evicted under the no-fault eviction process is not enough time or money to find a suitable place to live; and,

WHEREAS the steps needed to plug the loopholes and give reasonable resources to the tenants as well as protecting the Landlords and/or Property Owners against potential legal action should the major renovations not take place can be achieved by adding three new provisions;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Valley Grassroots for Democracy supports efforts to add accountability to the Landlords and/or Property Owners by requiring them to have permits granted before the tenants receive the eviction notices, that the time allowed for relocation be changed from 60 days to 90 days, and the financial compensation be equal to two months’ rent at market value which would allow the displaced tenants to be better equipped to compete in the rental market that they otherwise would not be choosing to enter; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Valley Grassroots for Democracy will forward this resolution to the Members of the California Assembly.


Author: Shanna Ingalsbee AD 44

Sponsors: Shanna Ingalsbee AD 44

Sponsors: Brandon Zavala, Co-Chair Cadem Organizing Committee

Sponsors: Cadem Region 14 delegates 

Contact Information: Shanna Ingalsbee | [email protected] | 818 415-8698

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